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  • by dai75 (557) on 2002年01月11日 17時09分 (#53389) 日記

    プレスリリース [zeosync.com]が出てますね。

    超訳。expect to ってどう訳すといいんだろうか。


    International Team of Scientists Have Discovered How to Reduce the Expression of Practically Random Information Sequences

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - January 7, 2002 - ZeoSync Corp., a Florida-based scientific research company, today announced that it has succeeded in reducing the expression of practically random information sequences. Although currently demonstrating its technology on very small bit strings, ZeoSync expects to overcome the existing temporal restraints of its technology and optimize its algorithms to lead to significant changes in how data is stored and transmitted.

    フロリダにある科学研究会社の ZeoSync Corp. は本日、実質的にランダムな情報列(expression of practically random information sequences)を削減することに成功したとアナウンスした。 現在のところ、この技術はとても短いビット列でのデモはされているが、ZeoSync は この技術の制限(existing temporal restraints)を克服し、アルゴリズムを最適化してデー タの格納・伝送方法の重大な変化(significant change)を先導するものと述べている。

    Existing compression technologies are currently dependent upon the mapping and encoding of redundantly occurring mathematical structures, which are limited in application to single or several pass reduction. ZeoSync's approach to the encoding of practically random sequences is expected to evolve into the reduction of already reduced information across many reduction iterations, producing a previously unattainable reduction capability.

    既存の圧縮技術はおおよそ数学的構造の冗長性をエンコード・マッピングしていて、この縮小処理を適用できるのは一回か数回きりに制限される。 ZeoSync の実質的な乱数列をエンコードするアプローチは、多くの収縮処理の繰り返して既に縮小された情報を縮小し、その前には到達できなかった圧縮能力を生みだすという発展が期待できる。

    ZeoSync intentionally randomizes naturally occurring patterns to form entropy-like random sequences through its patent pending technology known as Zero Space Tuner(TM). Once randomized, ZeoSync's BinaryAccelerator(TM) encodes these singular-bit-variance strings within complex combinatorial series to result in massively reduced BitPerfect(TM) equivalents. The combined TunerAccelerator(TM) is expected to be commercially available during 2003.

    ZeoSyncは Zero Space Tuner(TM) と呼ばれる特許出願中(patent pending)の技術を使って、 故意にランダムな自然発生パターンsを生成し、エントロピーライクな乱数列sを形づくる。 乱数初期化後で、ZeoSync の BinaryAccelerator(TM) がそれら 1bitだけ違ったビット列(singular-bit-variance string)を複雑に結合されたシリーズへとエンコードし、かなり小さくなった BitPerfect(TM) 等価物となる。 この TunerAccelerator(TM) 連合は2003年中に商用利用できるものと予想している。

    According to Peter St. George, founder and CEO of ZeoSync and lead developer of the technology: "What we've developed is a new plateau in communications theory. Through the manipulation of binary information and translation to complex multidimensional mathematical entities, we are expecting to produce the enormous capacity of analogue signaling, with the benefit of the noise free integrity of digital communications. We perceive this advancement as a significant breakthrough to the historical limitations of digital communications as it was originally detailed by Dr. Claude Shannon in his treatise on Information Theory." [C.E. Shannon. A Mathematical Theory of Communication. Bell System Technical Journal, 27:379-423, 623-656, 1948]

    ZeoSync の創設者であり CEO、さらにこの技術開発者を導いた Peter St. Geoge によると、 「我々の開発したことは通信理論の新たな高み(plateau)だ。 二進数情報の操作と複雑な多次元の数学的エンティティの変形を通して、 ノイズの無い完全なデジタル通信の利益を伴った類似信号(analogue signaling)の莫大な容量を生成できると期待している。 我々はこれが Dr. Claude Shannnon の情報理論の論文ではじめに述べられた時に、 この前進がデジタル通信の歴史的な制限についての重要なブレークスルーだと気付いた。 」
    [C.E. Shannon. A Mathematical Theory of Communication. Bell System Technical Journal, 27:379-423, 623-656, 1948]

    "There are potentially fantastic ramifications of this new approach in both communications and storage," St. George continued. "By significantly reducing the size of data strings, we can envision products that will reduce the cost of communications and, more importantly, improve the quality of life for people around the world regardless of where they live."

    Current technologies that enable the compression of data for transmission and storage are generally limited to compression ratios of ten-to-one. ZeoSync's Zero Space Tuner(TM) and BinaryAccelerator(TM) solutions, once fully developed, will offer compression ratios that are anticipated to approach the hundreds-to-one range.

    Many types of digital communications channels and computing systems could benefit from this discovery. The technology could enable the telecommunications industry to massively reduce huge amounts of information for delivery over limited bandwidth channels while preserving perfect quality of information.

    ZeoSync has developed the TunerAccelerator(TM) in conjunction with some traditional state-of-the-art compression methodologies. This work includes the advancement of Fractals, Wavelets, DCT, FFT, Subband Coding, and Acoustic Compression that utilizes synthetic instruments. These are methods that are derived from classical physics and statistical mechanics and quantum theory, and at the highest level, this mathematical breakthrough has enabled two classical scientific methods to be improved, Huffman Compression and Arithmetic Compression, both industry standards for the past fifty years.

    ZeoSync は TunerAccelerator(TM) をいくつかの伝統的な state-of-the-art な圧縮方法論と組み合わせて開発した。この成果はフラクタル、ウェーブレット、離散コサイン変換(DCT)、高速フーリエ変換(FFT)、Subband Coding, そして synthetic instrument を利用する Acoustic Compression の前進を含む。 これらは古典物理学、統計力学、量子力学に由来する方法である。 そして最も高いレベルでは、この数学的なブレークスルーは、Huffman Compression と Arithmetic Compression という 50年来の業界標準であった 2つの古典科学的方法を改良する可能性をもたらす。

    All of these traditional methods are being enhanced by ZeoSync through collaboration with top experts from Harvard University, MIT, University of California at Berkley, Stanford University, University of Florida, University of Michigan, Florida Atlantic University, Warsaw Polytechnic, Moscow State University and Nankin and Peking Universities in China, Johannes Kepler University in Lintz Austria, and the University of Arkansas, among others.

    Dr. Piotr Blass, chief technology advisor at ZeoSync, said "Our recent accomplishment is so significant that highly randomized information sequences, which were once considered non-reducible by the scientific community, are now massively reducible using advanced single-bit- variance encoding and supporting technologies."

    "The technologies that are being developed at ZeoSync are anticipated to ultimately provide a means to perform multi-pass data encoding and compression on practically random data sets with applicability to nearly every industry," said Jim Slemp, president of Radical Systems, Inc. "The evaluation of the complex algorithms is currently being performed with small practically random data sets due to the analysis times on standard computers. Based on our internally validated test results of these components, we have demonstrated a single-point-variance when encoding random data into a smaller data set. The ability to encode single-point-variance data is expected to yield multi-pass capable systems after temporal issues are addressed."

    "We would like to invite additional members of the scientific community to join us in our efforts to revolutionize digital technology," said St. George. "There is a lot of exciting work to be done."

    -- wanna be the biggest dreamer
    • by seldon (5637) on 2002年01月11日 20時17分 (#53492)
    • by mishima (737) on 2002年01月11日 21時17分 (#53519) ホームページ 日記
      entropy-like random sequences =エントロピーライクな乱数列、

      entropy-like なんていう用例は聴いたことがないから、

      # mishimaは本田透先生を熱烈に応援しています
      • by Anonymous Coward
        >entropy-likeなんていう用例は 聴いたことがない

        それは単に勉強不足(googleででも調べてくれ)。 ただ、たしかに 「entropy-like random sequence」がどんな性質の ものなのかはよくわからないが。

      • by Anonymous Coward

        • by dai75 (557) on 2002年01月11日 22時42分 (#53552) 日記
          「と」な香りはするけれど、頭使うのは面白いので追っかけるのだ。sense of wonder.

          多分、エントロピーライクな乱数列ってのは、エントロピーの高い乱数列ってところでしょうね。簡単にそんな数列は生成しにくいから、自然発生パターンから作ると。…PCのノイズから /dev/random 生成するのと違うんだろーか。

          まぁその辺はいいんだけど、singular-bit-variance string な乱数列の組を使って何度も圧縮かけるってのが想像付かぬ。

          -- wanna be the biggest dreamer

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