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Slashdot: Zuckerberg's Metaverse Rush Pauses For 'Quality Lockdown'

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A year after Meta announced its metaverse push, it has yet to demonstrate that its $10bn a year bet on an immersive virtual world will be a success. From a report: According to memos and conversations with 10 current and former employees, his 3bn user-strong social media empire is experiencing disruption and challenges as part of the pivot to Meta, and has already been forced to delay future launches and adjust expectations. In a September memo seen by the Financial Times, Vishal Shah, the vice-president of Meta's metaverse arm, warned that users and creators had complained that Horizon Worlds -- its social virtual reality experience and the closest thing it has to a metaverse so far -- was low quality and full of bugs. He ordered a "quality lockdown" for the rest of the year, telling staff that they need to improve fundamentals before any aggressive expansion. Staffers working on the product had to "reprioritise or slow some things we had planned," said Shah, adding that he was lowering its user numbers target for the second half of the year. Some employees warned morale was suffering as teams got restructured to accommodate Zuckerberg's new vision, which many have not yet bought into. "There are a lot of people internally who have never put on a [virtual reality] headset," said one metaverse employee.

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Slashdot: Michigan is Becoming the Center of US Battery Manufacturing

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Michigan, long the automotive manufacturing capital of the United States, is now getting pumped with investment both publicly and privately to build out a series of battery manufacturing plants that will power the wave of electric vehicles coming to market. From a report: The demand for domestically produced batteries has reached new peaks after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which includes consumer tax incentives for buying EVs with battery material produced in the United States. Battery makers are rushing to grab available land and start production on factories to meet that demand, shore up their own supply chains and qualify for incentives laid out in the IRA. Battery factory announcements and automaker-cell manufacturer joint ventures have become commonplace in 2021 and 2022 -- particularly in Michigan, Tennessee and other Southeastern states. And they don't appear to be slowing down. Michigan gained two more projects this week. Chinese battery maker Gotion announced a $2.36 billion investment to build a battery component facility in Big Rapids that promises 2,350 jobs. The state of Michigan also saw a $1.6 billion investment from Our Next Energy (ONE), an electric car battery startup helmed by former leaders of Apple's secretive car project, to build a battery factory in Van Buren Township that aims to create enough cells for about 200,000 EVs annually.

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LARTHの日記: 自動車保険更新ドライブレコーダー付

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ドライブレコーダーがへたってきたので更新の際にドライブレコーダー付きにしてみた。プラス1万円ぐらいかかるけどGPS やら LTE 通信やら緊急連絡(IP 電話の類かな?)付いてて運転の実績で保険料が安くなるやつ。


9月分の採点結果は92点でRANK S,Excellent。なんだBでも良かったんだ。

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タレコミ by headless
headless 曰く、
ポリエチレン (PE) の酸化と解重合を可能にする酵素がハチノスツヅリガの幼虫の唾液から発見された (論文マルガリータサラス生物学研究センターのプレスリリースThe Register の記事)。

研究を率いた Federica Bertocchini 氏は趣味の養蜂家でもあり、蜜蝋を食べる養蜂の害虫であるハチノスツヅリガの幼虫 (以降、幼虫) を捕まえてPE製の袋に入れておいたところ、袋に穴をあけて逃げ出してしまったことが研究のきっかけとなった。

Bertocchini 氏の研究グループは幼虫が PE を食べて生分解できるという研究成果を 2017 年に発表しており、2020 年には別の研究グループが幼虫の腸内細菌叢とのかかわりを示唆する研究成果を発表している。

微生物による PE の生分解は非常に長い時間を要するだけでなく、紫外線照射や加熱といった非生物的な事前の酸化処理が必要となる。一方、幼虫による PE 分解は短時間で事前処理を必要としないため、腸内細菌のみでは実現できないと考えられていたが、酵素のかかわりについては明らかになっていなかった。

研究グループでは幼虫の唾液を電子顕微鏡で調査し、2 種類のフェノール酸化酵素「Demetra」と「Ceres」を特定。いずれの酵素も PE を酸化する働きを示すが、Demetra の働きは特に強く、PE 表面に肉眼で見える痕跡(小さなクレーター)を作る。

事前の非生物的処理を要せず、常温かつ中性の水溶液内で数時間以内に PE を分解できる酵素の存在は、研究者が知る範囲で初めて報告されるものだという。ただし、これらの酵素が PE を分解する仕組みを徹底的に理解するには、さらなる構造的・生化学的・機能的な研究が必要とのことだ。
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Slashdot: Game Firm 2K Says Users Info Stolen

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Game company 2K has warned users to remain on the lookout for suspicious activity across their accounts following a breach last month that allowed a threat actor to obtain email addresses, names, and other sensitive information provided to 2K's support team. From a report: The breach occurred on September 19, when the threat actor illegally obtained system credentials belonging to a vendor 2K uses to run its help desk platform. 2K warned users a day later that the threat actor used unauthorized access to send some users emails that contained malicious links. The company warned users not to open any emails sent by its online support address or click on any links in them. If users already clicked on links, 2K urged them to change all passwords stored in their browsers. On Thursday, after an outside party completed a forensic investigation, 2K sent an unknown number of users an email warning them that the threat actor was able to obtain some of the personal information they supplied to help desk personnel.

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Slashdot: Amazon Abandons Home Delivery Robot Tests in Latest Cost Cuts

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Amazon is shutting down tests of its home delivery robot, the latest sign that the e-commerce giant is starting to wind down experimental projects amid slowing sales growth. From a report: Work on Scout, an autonomous machine launched about three years ago, has already been halted, according to a person familiar with the situation. Amazon spokesperson Alisa Carroll said the Scout team was being disbanded and would be offered new jobs in the organization. About 400 people were working on the project globally, according to the person, who requested anonymity to discuss a private matter. A skeleton crew will continue to consider the idea of an autonomous robot, but the current iteration isn't working. [...] The Seattle-based company began testing the cooler-sized bots on suburban sidewalks outside Seattle in 2019, before expanding the trials to Southern California, Georgia and Tennessee. The slow-moving devices, accompanied by human minders during tests, were designed to stop at a front door and pop open their lids so a customer could pick up a package. Amazon said the battery-powered robots were part of an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its delivery operations.

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Slashdot: Binance-linked Blockchain Hit By $570 Million Crypto Hack, Binance Says

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A blockchain linked to Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, has been hit by a $570 million hack, a Binance spokesperson said on Friday, the latest in a series of hacks to hit the crypto sector this year. From a report: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said in a tweet that tokens were stolen from a blockchain "bridge" used in the BNB Chain, which was known as Binance Smart Chain until February. Blockchain bridges are tools used to transfer cryptocurrencies between different applications. Zhao said the hackers stole around $100 million worth of crypto. BNB Chain later said in a blog post that a total of 2 million of the cryptocurrency BNB - worth around $570 million - was withdrawn by the hacker.

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Slashdot: Americans Are Less Likely To Cancel Amazon, Prime Netflix Than Cut Spending On F

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Even as Americans cut back in the face of rising prices and recessionary fears, fewer want to give up their streaming subscriptions, especially when it comes to TV, movies and music services, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Spotify. Roughly two-thirds of consumers said they will have to decrease their spending due to inflation; however, only about a quarter plan to cancel such subscriptions in the months ahead, according to a recent report by the National Research Group. Most people said they were more likely to cut back on dining out, groceries and clothing. Consumers are least likely to cancel Amazon Prime, TV and movie streaming services and home security systems, the report found, even over food and gasoline. Just over half, or 51%, also said subscriptions now make up a "significant" portion of their monthly spending. On average, U.S. consumers estimate they spend $135 a month and 17.8% of their monthly budget on subscriptions, the National Research Group found. The report polled more than 2,500 adults in August.

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