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marlllcocoの日記: cinder smoke

日記 by marlllcoco
Not yet noon, the house is over the smoke curl upwards, Cai Xiang around the house. At this time in the sun as some people feel the hot, blue sky If a piece of transparent bright and clean Mei-yu, a deep blue tunnel, through a glare. I am lazy to rely on open ground in front of the chair, lit hut to fight in and around the King Color. House is "Liangshiyiting" structure, is in the middle hall, on both sides of the bedroom is an area of about 40 square meters. A simple display of the house, a hall Table, four chairs, a release of debris in the cupboard, and the secondary bedroom bed. The whole house is built of wood, Dongnuanxialiang throughout the year. Door Doors on both sides of each window, the window lattice on a number of string hanging from corn, bacon Jidao, three, two dry salted duck, a string of hot peppers dry in the winter sun Zhao Ying particularly eye-catching. As a result of timber have been exhausted, with Lao Xu Xi Zhu article into the house in Pattaya Gracilaria up on the left side of the inter-Chu Fang, in the outside wall with wood burner and pay heap Code and a half of the people as a high wall, enough to resist the biting cold wind, col. Chu Fang Fang, some vegetables, cooking benches, covered with a good smoked meat products, distributed A tempting smell the smell. Side of the open space in front of the house, with the total Laoxu beautiful flowers in different seasons to make a wall, dress, decorated wooden huts. Last time I To remember is the color of drops of rose and green banana, it is now in full bloom and the plant. In addition to the junction of the small courtyard, Lao Xu specially planted pine and cypress trees, Named "welcoming song", meaning strong popularity, guests constantly. Lao Xu and his wife treat people hospitality, where a person must drink to the hut, and to enjoy, Goubian outside the pile of empty bottles that the owner of the hospitality. House of Four Seasons are changing the scenery is very beautiful. In the spring, the flowers of fruit trees over the col, luoying Day, "children Honey bee Canhua brewing, Rain and mud to reconcile swallow. "Summer, the mountain is covered with green and luxuriant, green barrier stack, and the birds chirping, the clamor of us. Autumn leaves all over the Hill, tired fruit trees Tired, Si Yi Hsiang. In winter, wind throw off restraint child, all things bleak, col Qinghan air, but otherwise a charm. Looking at this beautiful scenery and mountain scenery, my eyes which shed Yang, in which intoxicated. Looking at close to the door of the red-fu characters in the "noise Crows Tens of millions of brittle, Han Yan Shu-air three or four "quiet season, but in the hearts of the vast flow of warmth.
42333 journal

marlllcocoの日記: small shop

日記 by marlllcoco
When you are in the lives of more than a chicken leg and robbed you, what would you feel? Let me tell you, my feelings are biting their teeth, For No tears to cry. Please note that Oh, my teeth are the object of people - Tao Tao, was tears of material objects - the gradual disappearance of a fragrant chicken Legs. Some people say that you can fight with him about who was who won the prize on it! The problem is that people can not even go to my grandfather had in the past and with his fighting cocks Legs, I have not hard to give them a kick board. The reason is simple, one old, one of the two-year-old child, the Chinese people are not particular about Zunlaoaiyou you, I long ago lost in the entry requirements, failure words! Small Tao Tao, was lost from a young age is great. I do not know if he's fortunate or unfortunate that he, grandmother and mother-in-law's house is only separated by distance of a few House, when something happens at home mother-in-law busy, it was blatantly threw him into Waipo Jia, Wai Pojia also happen when busy, we kicked the His mother-in-law back to playing at home. Early in the morning every day to awaken his buttocks on a few steps away to Britain Yi Chan Wai Pojia on to the United States "explore grandmother," He actually To do sooner or later into a grandmother ... ... No wonder, then, he learned to walk on a small, running, every day was like Spider-Man only to lose to lose, you will not go faster It will be strange if? Tao Tao learn almost nothing, that is, super-slow to speak, slow to a snail even all of the Great Wall of Pawan, he was pronounced Ee of the stage, we do Look depressed. Emperor small ah, you do not have to take care of the credit, there are now suffering the old, sweet to say a few words to comfort our people that these civilians it! Time In the past every day, the boy is only open mouth. It is strange that the mother's pronunciation seems to be born, usually funny word, he called his mother refused to die That only a situation in which he said. That is, in his tears, his mother is the word prelude to the sound of crying. He is the time to cry no more than a 10 minutes to coax him on the trip, he cheated to go shopping to buy something to eat, I do not believe that he still has time to cry, not as soon as possible "revenue Jinbing" immediately as the only non - Xiong Mei pulled tightly as you look like fun - there is the food. As you see here has been shaking his head that this kid has a very good Abduction it, the fact that This is why, seek truth from facts, but you can splenetic do not want to deflect the idea that he had abducted Oh! He comes out and shopping ah, is a money-losing business, do not be the ah. Why ah. P is well known that the child is not Jiao Li, Often it is necessary to go halfway with you. I would like you not go out shopping on the way, there is a great big burden on your hands, you have to have About to die you no longer feel there will be around forever? And the results of his shopping - give up! Oh, but there is still a success of it! With He left home to buy a small shop near 5 packets of salt, that kid is not really covered, little people, know how to help adults and the Director-General - his wish to bring up 5 Packet of salt.
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marlllcocoの日記: breeze

日記 by marlllcoco
And accompanied by the goddess, as Deng Ni Wan Xian-feng. Unknowingly to the mountain, can be seen on the broad heaven, West Japan For Shen red sunset; under the open and affect the world, Li Li Grass green everywhere. Roadside saw the wild fruit, and the Department fall off, as a result of a bird not to ape, and more full-son. And the goddess was a total intake, feel the essence of Heaven and Earth, and the destitute in the mouth sweet. Aware of Hujue's Minds, was fragrant and Wang You. As a result of the goddess to help, such as climbing steep ground. To have a moment while Chen Yu, Wang antecedents of the risks of virtual sweat and still scared. Goddess in the side and smile, I frankly have to Lin Feng. Mu-Yun at the break, Japan For decadent West. Voice of the Valley a few birds, Feng silent and quiet. Cloud falls to many people and Lin Feng Quantm. Li and the summit out of thin air, arms show in order to fly. Yang Tian-yu and alone, alone to know and singing. Hu Wen ear Sound of Music, the smell of fine, the tree was cold wave, play music from Cold Spring Harbor, Banwu breeze, and with the mountains! Alas, there are natural spiritual Yu? Was singing and dancing, phase and forget and let us join the world of distance, and up to a world of poverty. Mengjue turn, has been Lantern, the goddess of Sound, such as gossamer in the side, elusive. However, here we can see there are still heavy vegetation, the breeze Lang Lang, Baishi Shan Kui-Ran, peerless independent Kenya!

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