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masakunの日記: OpenOffice.org for OS/2を購入した

日記 by masakun

OpenOffice.org for eComStation and OS/2

久しぶりにOS/2ソフトを買いました。それはOpenOffice.org 1.1.5 for OS/2(38.18EURO)です。そうOS/2版は1年間のソフトウェアメンテナンスが付いている有償リリースなのです。ところでMensysでは過去に何度か利用したことがあるので、Log-In画面でUserIDとpasswordを入力したら、いくつか情報を修正するだけでとんとん拍子で手続きが進みました。おっとinvoiceが届いているぞ。


OpenOffice.org v1.1.5(zip版) 英語/ドイツ語/オランダ語 (90MB)
OpenOffice.org 2.0.4 Release Candidate 2
      - Base package(WarpIN形式)(1MB以下)
      - Binary package(WarpIN形式)(89MB)
      - Common package(WarpIN形式)(37MB)
      - UClip 0.2.2(WarpIN形式)…OS/2クリップボード拡張機能らしい
      - 各種Language package(WarpIN形式)(12MB) 英語/ドイツ語/スペイン/フランス/イタリア/オランダ/ロシア語

ところで2007年3月に公開されたばかりのOpenOffice.org for OS/2 v2.0.4RC2のreadme.txtを転載しておく。
** OpenOffice.org 2.0 RC2 for eComStation and OS/2 **

Thank you for trying Release Candidate 2 of OpenOffice.org 2.0 for eComStation
and OS/2. This release is the fourth publicly available version of
this office suite.

** Installation **

Double click on the base WPI file, it will automatically find the binaries
and NLS WPI files. Please note that WarpIn 1.0.12 or higher is required.
You can download the latest WarpIn package from http://warpin.netlabs.org

Installation notes:

- UniClip is required to complete installation.

- Innotek Font Engine is required to run OOo/2.

- this installation will not overwrite existing installations.

- installation should be done on a JFS volume, as it may
    run *very* slow otherwise. The installation target volume
    must support long filenames.

- installation takes around 300 MB of drivespace, each additional installed
    language requires around 40 MB of drivespace.

- before installation, it is recommended to uninstall any previous version
    of OpenOffice.org 2.x (OpenOffice 1.x is unaffected):
    + use WarpIn to deinstall the package
    + afterwards clean out the remaining directory entirely (if found)
    + remove (or rename) %home%\OpenOffice.org2 (which will
        wipe your previous settings)

- this build is based on the 2.0.4 sourcecode of OpenOffice.org, making it
    on par with the current Windows releases.

** Features **

Support for XWP sliding menu hilite.

Support for clipboard bitmap formats and unicode text.

Support for mouse wheel.

FT2: this release supports the Ft2 font engine for better text rendering. Since
rendering is done directly with Unicode fonts, it may happen that some older
fonts are not anti aliased; this means that your font does not support Unicode
charmaps and needs to be upgraded.

For better rendering of the GUI font, it is suggested to install Workplace Sans
truetype font. This will also visualize the numbering for vertical ruler, since
the default font, WarpSans, cannot be rotated.

You can download the Workplace Sans font from the following website:

QUICKSTART: quickstart has been implemented also for OS/2; when enabled in
OOo option dialogs, a shadow of your quickstart WPS icon object will be
created in the startup folder. Currently OOo cannot be unloaded, you need
to 'kill' the open instance. You can customize the quickstart feature and
decide which modules to preload at system startup. Open the Quickstart object
properties and change the parameters field with:
    -writer to preload Writer module
    -calc to preload Calc module
    -draw to preload Draw module
    -math to preload Math module
    -base to preload Base module
    -impress to preload Impress module
You can mix above settings to match your personal preferences. Without above
options, only the OOo core program will be loaded.

NLS: multiple NLS versions can be installed, you can change the language with:
Tools -> Options -> Language settings -> User Interface

STARMATH: please install the OpenSymbol font from share\fonts\truetype for correct
formulas rendering. Please note that other Bitstream fonts are available there.

** Fixes **

- Performance improvements.

- Filter issues.

- Better error reporting on OOo/2 crash.

- Menu automatic hilite follows XWP settings (needs OOo/2 restart).

- Mouse sliding focus (requires XWP 1.0.8 or greater).

- Spool name in printer object now uses document name.

- PDF export

- Printing issues

- Clipboard text

- Accelerator cut off

- Implemented kerning support, now font rendering matches OOo for windows.

- Detect of symbol font was wrong, fix font rotation for horizontal fonts.

- Navigation Float quickhelp not updated when moving mouse over icon.

- New quickstart icon.

- Use LVM to query drive-types in file-open dialog.

- Added new launchers, now OOo starts from every directory.

- Use lxlite to compress binaries, saving required diskspace for installation.

- Implements quickstart feature for OS/2 with WPS support.

- New keyboard handling, fixes problems with incorrect keyboard layout and
    numeric pad.

- Added missing mouse pointers.

- Startup windowsize will be OS/2 default or last client area size, no
    longer start fullscreen.

- Use WarpIN default application path instead of D:\programs (eCS only).

- WarpIN 1.0.12 is now the minimal required version.

** Known issues **

- Printing of unicode text could fail, this is an ft2lib issue under investigation.

- OpenOffice.org will load into high memory, this causes it to fail
    on some systems. If this happens OpenOffice.org will popup an
    errormessage when this happens, with a reference to the failing DLL.
    It may help to set the VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT to 1536 or 1024 in the
    config.sys. With recent kernels it is possible to mark dynamic libraries
    for high memory loading (get above512 from hobbes). Since this feature is
    not stable, we cannot apply to code, but testers have found it works in
    most situations (be aware, you can trap your system when killing OOo).
    Another helpful hint is to use the QuickStart feature described above,
    this will 'preload' parts of OpenOffice into memory, which may increase
    the succesrate of loading OpenOffice.

- Java not supported.

- Mozilla not supported.

- No OS/2 WPS specific enhancements (except for quickstart).

- E-mail related settings are not supported.

- Play of sounds is not working.

- Macro security not working (req. java).

- Digital signatures not working (req. java)

- Base module can only work with dBase, MySQL, ODBC databases,
    hsqldb not supported (req. java).

** Reporting your findings **

If you find any bugs, issues, or have other remarks, please open a
ticket at:


Please provide as many details as possible and attach the soffice.log file created
at every OOo2 crash: this file is located into your OpenOffice.org.2.0\program\

** More information **

More information on OpenOffice.org can be found at:

** User Support **

For help with the OpenOffice.org 2.0 office suite, take a look at the
archives to find questions already answered on the 'users@openoffice.org'
mailing list at http://www.openoffice.org/mail_list.html.
Alternatively, you can send in your questions to users@openoffice.org.
Remember to subscribe to the list to get an email response.

Also check the FAQ section at http://user-faq.openoffice.org/.

Support specific to the eComStation and OS/2 version can be obtained
through the ticketing system at: http://www.ecomstation.com/support/ooo2/
OpenOffice.org for OS/2関連のリンク
InnoTek Runtime for OS/2 (InnoTekRuntime_112b20.exe)
InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 (InnoTek_FT2LIB_260_Beta1.exe)
Alex Taylor: Fonts

【10/8追記】OS2.jpによると、Win32版OOo2.0.2をInnotek Runtimeで動かすopenoffice202_os2.zipがHobbesにアップされているみたいですね。日本語TrueTypeを利用すれば日本語入力も可能とのこと(もちろん日本語OS/2上での話ですが)

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