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Slashdot: New Firefox Suggests Ways To Get More Out of the Web

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Starting Tuesday, Firefox will nudge you to try out options designed to make the web more interesting, more useful or more productive. From a report: Mozilla's new Firefox 64 keeps an eye on what you're up to and prompts you to try extensions and features that could help you with that activity, the browser maker said. For example, if you open the same tab lots of times, it could suggest you pin it to your tab strip for easier future access. Other suggestions include installing the Facebook Container extension to curtail the social network's snooping, a Google Translate extension to tap into Google's service, and the Enhancer for YouTube extension to do things like block ads and control playback on Google's video site. The feature could help you customize Firefox more to your liking -- something that could help you stick with the browser in the face of Google Chrome's dominance. And that, in turn, could help Mozilla pursue its push toward a privacy-respecting web that's not just effectively controlled by Chrome.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview、メモ帳でBOMなしのUTF-8が選択可能に

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Microsoftは10日、Windows 10 Insider Preview ビルド18298(19H1)をファーストリング向けに提供開始した(Windows Experience Blogの記事)。

ビルド18298のメモ帳では、保存時に文字コード(エンコード)としてBOM(Byte Order Mark)なしのUTF-8が選択可能となり、これがデフォルトの文字コードに設定されている。なお、従来は文字コードで「UTF-8」を選択して保存するとBOM付きのUTF-8で保存されていたが、本ビルドで「UTF-8」を選択するとBOMなしになり、BOM付きで保存するには「UTF-8 (BOM付き)」を選択する必要がある。ステータスバーには文字コードを表示する枠が追加されており、変更後未保存のファイルにはタイトルバーのファイル名先頭にアスタリスク(*)が付記されるようになっている。


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Slashdot: Android Trojan Steals Money From PayPal Accounts Even With 2FA On

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ESET researchers have discovered a new Android Trojan using a novel Accessibility-abusing technique that targets the official PayPal app, and is capable of bypassing PayPal's two-factor authentication. A report elaborates: At the time of writing, the malware is masquerading as a battery optimization tool, and is distributed via third-party app stores. After being launched, the malicious app terminates without offering any functionality and hides its icon. This video, courtesy of ESET, demonstrates the process in practice.

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shibuyaのコメント: あの辺りはそういうロケーションありますね (スコア 1) 1

by shibuya (#3531696) ネタ元: 五反田から遠い。



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Slashdot: Evelyn Berezin, Who Built the First True Word Processor, Has Died at 93

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An anonymous reader shares a report: Evelyn Berezin, a computer pioneer who emancipated many a frazzled secretary from the shackles of the typewriter nearly a half-century ago by building and marketing the first computerized word processor, died on Saturday in Manhattan. She was 93. In an age when computers were in their infancy and few women were involved in their development, Ms. Berezin (pronounced BEAR-a-zen) not only designed the first true word processor; in 1969, she was also a founder and the president of the Redactron Corporation, a tech start-up on Long Island that was the first company exclusively engaged in manufacturing and selling the revolutionary machines.

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Slashdot: Why I'm Usually Unnerved When Modern SSDs Die on Us

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Chris Siebenmann, a Unix Systems Administrator at University of Toronto, writes about the inability to figure out the bottleneck when an SSD dies: What unnerves me about these sorts of abrupt SSD failures is how inscrutable they are and how I can't construct a story in my head of what went wrong. With spinning HDs, drives might die abruptly but you could at least construct narratives about what could have happened to do that; perhaps the spindle motor drive seized or the drive had some other gross mechanical failure that brought everything to a crashing halt (perhaps literally). SSDs are both solid state and opaque, so I'm left with no story for what went wrong, especially when a drive is young and isn't supposed to have come anywhere near wearing out its flash cells (as this SSD was). (When a HD died early, you could also imagine undetected manufacturing flaws that finally gave way. With SSDs, at least in theory that shouldn't happen, so early death feels especially alarming. Probably there are potential undetected manufacturing flaws in the flash cells and so on, though.) When I have no story, my thoughts turn to unnerving possibilities, like that the drive was lying to us about how healthy it was in SMART data and that it was actually running through spare flash capacity and then just ran out, or that it had a firmware flaw that we triggered that bricked it in some way.

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なお、第三者委員会による「緊急第一次報告書」(P.49)によると、「女子の方が相対的にコミュニケーション能力が高い」根拠としてSex differences in the course of personality development: A meta-analysis(Lawrence Cohn, 1991)という論文が提出されたそうだが、この論文はコミュニケーション能力の差異について論じたものではなく、入試の評価基準を変えるのに十分なものではないという指摘もある


北里大学医学部は非公表の大学と女子大学を除き、入学者に占める女性の割合が私立大学医学部中最も高く、2018 年度文部科学省調査結果では22歳以上の受験生の合格率が私立大学医学部中4位と非常に高い水準です。また、合否判定におきましては、特定の受験者への加点、属性による加点及び減点は一切行っておりません。

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Slashdot: Doom Turns 25: The FPS That Wowed Players, Gummed Up Servers, and Enraged Admins

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On December 10, 1993, after a marathon 30-hour coding session, the developers at id Software uploaded the first finished copy of Doom for download, the game that was to redefine first-person shooter (FPS) genre. Hours later IT admins wanted id's guts for garters. The Register: Doom wasn't the first FPS game, but it was the iPhone of the field -- it took parts from various other products and packaged them together in a fearsomely addictive package. Admins loathed it because it hogged bandwidth for downloading and was designed to allow network deathmatches, so millions of users immediately took up valuable network resources for what seemed a frivolous pursuit to some curmudgeonly BOFHs. The game was an instant hit -- so much so that within hours of its release admins were banning it from servers to try and cope with the effects of thousands, and then millions of people playing online. It spawned remakes and follow-up games, its own movie (don't bother) and even a glowing endorsement from Bill Gates.

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MicrosoftがEdgeブラウザをChromiumベースにすることを発表したが、これに対しFirefoxの開発を行なっているMozillaが公式ブログで「Goodbye, EdgeHTML」と題した記事を公開、Webブラウザの「Chromium独占」に対する危惧を示している(Qiitaに投稿された有志による訳)。



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