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たとえば S-200 (JANコード: 4 901750 102401)ですか?

Ⓡ/:Registered Trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.


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Slashdot: 'Cheating Volkswagen Diesels Have Become A Hot Commodity'

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Remember the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal? "In the end, after paying huge fines and seeing key executives head to prison, VW agreed to buy back nearly 380,000 of the offending cars in the United States, to fix or scrap," reports the New York Times. But this week the director of industry analytics for online car marketplace CarGurus tells them that VW has now added more share in certified pre-owned sales than any other brand. Jalopnik reports: The resulting used VWs are surprisingly compelling, which is why -- according to a report from the New York Times -- people can't get enough of them... That demand, the story says, is driven by the vehicles' impressive fuel economy, the warranty that the government required VW to offer on all re-sold vehicles, and the dearth of other diesel car options on the market... It's an interesting look at how these once vilified automobiles have once again fallen into favor thanks to what what made the vehicles popular in the first place: They are just impressively fuel efficient. Oh, and the government-mandated warranty, too. That helps. Aexecutive analyst at J.D. Power Valuation Services tells the Times that a used VW now costs about the same as a gas model.

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Slashdot: UK Cybersecurity Agency Urges Devs To Drop Python 2

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Python's End-of-Life date is 129 days away, warns the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). "There will be no more bug fixes, or security updates, from Python's core developers." An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet: The UK's cyber-security agency warned developers Thursday to consider moving Python 2.x codebases to the newer 3.x branch due to the looming end-of-life of Python 2, scheduled for January 1, 2020... "If you continue to use unsupported modules, you are risking the security of your organisation and data, as vulnerabilities will sooner or later appear which nobody is fixing." "If you maintain a library that other developers depend on, you may be preventing them from updating to 3," the agency added. "By holding other developers back, you are indirectly and likely unintentionally increasing the security risks of others... If migrating your code base to Python 3 is not possible, another option is to pay a commercial company to support Python 2 for you," the NCSC said. The agency warns that companies who don't invest in migrating their Python 2.x code might end up in the same position as Equifax or the WannaCry victims. "At the NCSC we are always stressing the importance of patching. It's not always easy, but patching is one of the most fundamental things you can do to secure your technology," the agency said. "The WannaCry ransomware provides a classic example of what can happen if you run unsupported software," it said. "By making the decision to continue using Python 2 past its end of life, you are accepting all the risks that come with using unsupported software, while knowing that a secure version is available."

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ロスコスモスが22日に国際宇宙ステーション(ISS)補給ミッションで打ち上げたソユーズMS-14には、ヒューマノイド型ロボットSkybot F-850(FEDOR)が唯一の乗員として搭乗しているそうだ(ロスコスモスのニュースリリース[英語版][ロシア語版]The Registerの記事Space.comの記事動画)。



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Microsoft EdgeのEPUB形式電子書籍サポート、終了へ

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Microsoftは21日、Microsoft EdgeでEPUB形式の電子書籍のサポートをとりやめる計画を発表した(Microsoftのサポート記事Neowinの記事Windows Centralの記事)。

Microsoft Edgeでは2016年11月リリースのWindows 10 Insider Preview ビルド14971以降でEPUB形式の電子書籍をサポートしており、米国のユーザーは2017年1月リリースのビルド15014以降でMicrosoft Storeから電子書籍を購入できるようになっていた。Microsoft EdgeにはMicrosoft Storeで購入した電子書籍専用の「書籍」バーも用意されているが、今年4月にはMicrosoft Storeでの電子書籍取り扱いが終了したため、特に意味のない機能になっている。

MicrosoftではEPUBサポート終了に伴い、Microsoft Storeで提供されているEPUB対応の電子書籍リーダーアプリへの移行を推奨している。Microsoft Storeでは現在、「Reading room」(日本版は「読書室」)として電子書籍リーダーアプリをまとめているが、EPUB対応アプリがまとまっている感じではない。ただし、MicrosoftはDAISY Consortiumと提携してEPUB対応アプリの選定を進めており、9月にはMicrosoft Storeで提供する予定とのこと。

発表では具体的なサポート終了時期を示していないが、MicrosoftはNeowinに対してChromium版Microsoft Edgeのリリースとともに終了すると回答したそうだ。なお、21日にWindows Insider Programのリリースプレビューリングで提供が始まったビルド18362.325(KB4512941)のMicrosoft Edgeでは、EPUBファイルを開くと一部文字化けした英文でサポート終了の通知が何度か表示された。

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米連邦航空局(FAA)は22日、危険な武器をドローンに取り付けて飛ばさないよう、一般市民に注意喚起した(FAAのニュース記事The Vergeの記事The Registerの記事)。

オンラインでは銃や爆弾、花火、火炎放射器などの危険な物品を取り付けたドローンの動画や写真が公開されているが、こういった行為は著しい人的被害や金銭的被害を生む可能性もある。それだけでなく、危険な武器を装備したドローン(無人航空機または無人航空機システム)を運航する行為は2018年FAA再権限法363条に違反し、FAAから特別な許可を得ていない限り民事制裁金(違反1回あたり最高25,000ドル)の対象になるという。危険な武器(dangerous weapon)は合衆国法典18編930条(g)(2)で規定されており、いわゆる武器だけでなく殺傷能力があれば道具や物質、生物なども含まれる。

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Slashdot: India's Chandrayaan-2 Spacecraft Enters the Moon's Orbit

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Long-time Slashdot reader William Robinson writes: An unmanned spacecraft, Chandrayaan 2, India launched last month has begun orbiting the moon before it lands on the far side to search for water. The spacecraft is in orbit of 114 km x 18072 km and will continue circling the moon in a tighter orbit until reaching a distance of about 100 km x 30 km from the moon's surface. "The lander will then separate from the orbiter and use rocket fuel to brake as it attempts to land in the south polar region of the moon on Sept. 7 -- an area where no moon landing has been attempted before," reports CTV News. The mission is carrying a total of 14 payloads -- 13 Indian and one passive payload from NASA -- with special focus of the orbiter on mapping craters in the polar region, besides checking for water again. Space.com shares the first photo of the moon snapped by the spacecraft on Wednesday, noting that "If the lander safely touches down, India will become the fourth country to complete that feat, after the Soviet Union, the U.S. and China. "The lander and rover would operate for one lunar day but are not designed to withstand the frigid lunar nights."

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// イソプロパノールの名前にピンと来ない店員でもこの商品で示すと理解する。

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Slashdot: Three Smart Ovens Turned On Overnight, Then Preheated To 400 Degrees

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AmiMoJo quote the Verge: At least three smart June Ovens have turned on in the middle of the night and heated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The ovens' owners aren't sure why this happened, and June tells The Verge that user error is at fault... The June Oven debuted in 2015 as a $1,495 countertop oven that uses a camera and computer vision to identify food that's been placed inside. The company raised nearly $30 million in funding and released its second-generation version in 2018 for $599. It's billed as "seven appliances in one": an air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, warming drawer, and convection countertop oven. It also pairs with an app that allows people to choose their temperature and cooking settings, as well as live stream their food as it cooks thanks to the built-in camera. The company is planning an update that'll hopefully remedy the situation and prevent it from happening again, but that change isn't coming until next month.

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Slashdot: Why Are 'Supply Chain Attacks' on Open Source Libraries Getting Worse?

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"A rash of supply chain attacks hitting open source software over the past year shows few signs of abating, following the discovery this week of two separate backdoors slipped into a dozen libraries downloaded by hundreds of thousands of server administrators," reports Ars Technica: The compromises of Webmin and the RubyGems libraries are only the latest supply chain attacks to hit open source software. Most people don't think twice about installing software or updates from the official site of a known developer. As developers continue to make software and websites harder to exploit, black hats over the past few years have increasingly exploited this trust to spread malicious wares by poisoning code at its source... To be fair, closed-source software also falls prey to supply-side attacks -- as evidenced by those that hit computer maker ASUS on two occasions, the malicious update to tax-accounting software M.E.Doc that seeded the NotPetya outbreak of 2017, and another backdoor that infected users of the CCleaner hard drive utility that same year. But the low-hanging fruit for supply chain attacks seems to be open source projects, in part because many don't make multi-factor authentication and code signing mandatory among its large base of contributors. "The recent discoveries make it clear that these issues are becoming more frequent and that the security ecosystem around package publication and management isn't improving fast enough," Atredis Partners Vice President of Research and Development HD Moore told Ars. "The scary part is that each of these instances likely resulted in even more developer accounts being compromised (through captured passwords, authorization tokens, API keys, and SSH keys). The attackers likely have enough credentials at hand to do this again, repeatedly, until all credentials are reset and appropriate MFA and signing is put in place."

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Slashdot: Quantum Radar Has Been Demonstrated For the First Time

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An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: Shabir Barzanjeh at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria and a few colleagues have used entangled microwaves to create the world's first quantum radar. Their device, which can detect objects at a distance using only a few photons, raises the prospect of stealthy radar systems that emit little detectable electromagnetic radiation. The device is simple in essence. The researchers create pairs of entangled microwave photons using a superconducting device called a Josephson parametric converter. They beam the first photon, called the signal photon, toward the object of interest and listen for the reflection. In the meantime, they store the second photon, called the idler photon. When the reflection arrives, it interferes with this idler photon, creating a signature that reveals how far the signal photon has traveled. Voila -- quantum radar! The researchers go on to compare their quantum radar with conventional systems operating with similarly low numbers of photons and say it significantly outperforms them, albeit only over relatively short distances. That's interesting work revealing the significant potential of quantum radar and a first application of microwave-based entanglement. But it also shows the potential application of quantum illumination more generally. A big advantage is the low levels of electromagnetic radiation required. Then there is the obvious application as a stealthy radar that is difficult for adversaries to detect over background noise. The researchers say it could be useful for short-range low-power radar for security applications in closed and populated environments. The researchers detail their findings in a paper on arXiv.org.

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テレビ番組の無料見逃し配信サービスであるTverは23日、8月26日からNHKが放送する一部の番組の見逃し配信を開始すると発表した(公式サイトAV WatchITmedia)。


また、TVerのウェブサイト及びアプリは「NHKの放送を受信することのできる受信設備」ではなく、 TVerでの番組視聴は、NHKの受信契約の対象ではないらしい。


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ナニゲにアレゲなのは、ナニゲなアレゲ -- アレゲ研究家